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B-Ute Bar Reverse Parking Sensors

B-Ute Bar Reverse Parking Sensors

The B-ute Bar is perfect for any Ute that has a tray fitted. Its ease of install allows you to be back on the road quickly and reversing safer.



  • With B-Ute you can reverse with increased safety and confidence at home and at work
  • Safer parking, especially in tight situations
  • Helps prevent accidental damage when parking
  • Provides side protection for narrow lanes or garages


  • Suitable for most alloy tray bodies eg. Hilux, BT50, Triton, Great Wall,Amarok.
  • Easy DIY installation (all fittings included)
  • All in one 4 X Parking Sensors and integrated LED break light
  • “PLC” = No wiring between the control unit and the LED display
  • LED brake light
  • Waterproof data box
  • Sturdy aluminium construction
  • 10 degree rubber sensors
  • Improve coverage with 4 full zone
    sensors - 4 detection zones
  • 160º wide angle horizontal detection
  • 10-24 volts
  • Optional reverse camera (25-035GLM sold separately)
  • Made in Australia
  • 3 year warranty

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