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Bury's Truck Phone - CP1100 - The Wanderer

Bury's Truck Phone - CP1100 - The Wanderer

The CP1100 Truck Phone.

It's your ultimate tool if you are after a fixed installed phone / car kit in your vehicle.


  • Fixed in-vehicle installation
  • Up to 2 watt signal boost
  • Independent communication system - with own dedicated SIM card, installed permanently in the vehicle
  • 2.8 inch Colour Display - displays phone book, call lists, text messages, antenna reception, carriers name and incoming telephone number
  • Day/Night Mode - brightness of the symbols on the display can be adjusted
  • Displays text messages 
  • Text-to-Speech - reads out text messages and phone book entries aloud 
  • DialogPlus Voice Control - extremely accurate, rapid reaction word recognition without voice training and with visual and audible user support 
  • Voice Dialing - Using magic word activates voice control with a single voice command 
  • Voice control of all menu functions
  • Supports 7 languages
  • Large illuminated keys
  • Memo function records up to 2 minutes of conversation
  • Auto mute of radio/entertainment system during incoming/outgoing calls (radio dependent)
  • Crystal clear audio/voice reproduction via the vehicles stereo system* or external loudspeaker (*subject to compatibility with vehicle stereo system) 
  • Multiple call handling - hold calls and switch between them, conference up to 7 participants
  • Emergency Calls - via an SOS key
  • External antenna connection via FME or FAKRA
  • Privacy Handset available (optional accessory)

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