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iGRIP's Handy & Very Affordable Universal Cradle

iGRIP's Handy & Very Affordable Universal Cradle

iGRIP's Handy & Very Affordable MSRP $32.00 Universal Cradle.

As a Universal Cradle, the iGRIP T5-1843 comes with a Goose Neck, Window and Dash Mount.

A simple and reliable product that keeps you legal and your phone handy.




•Gooseneck system for the individual mounting of the device in the portrait or landscape format
•With an exceptionally sturdy 6 mm aluminium wire – guarantees an essentially low vibration behaviour and allows a higher weight capacity

mini Smart Gripper 3

•Universal holder – suitable for almost all devices (with a width from 46 mm to 76 mm
•The design of the clamping jaws prevents operation of the controls on the device from being impaired
•Especially suitable for smart phones, flat devices and MP3 players
•Simply insert the device and press together the lateral clamping jaws
•Release of the device at the push of a button
•Moving strips can be removed and the holder can be turned (should controls on the side of the device be affected)


•Easy, quick installation and removal of a device holder with HR 4-hole adapter system
•Press lateral mechanism and insert claws
•Integrated pressure springs lock the claws in the holder

MSRP $32.00 

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