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RFI Antenna Brackets for Bonnets, Roofs & Boots

RFI Antenna Brackets for Bonnets, Roofs & Boots The BK-900 can be mounted in a variety of locations due to its double articulation. It can be mounted on boot/bonnet lids or attached to almost any lip on a vehicle: vertical, horizontal or anywhere in between. This mounting bracket will fit over an edge no more than 6mm thick and can be adjust in several planes so the antenna can be made vertical.

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RFI Folding Antenna Brackets for Bull Bars

RFI Folding Antenna Brackets for Bull Bars Broomstick Antennas are essential for regional connectivity. But whether your travelling in the bush or a suburban sub-terranian car park you want to make sure your antenna stays installed on your vehicle and not on a thick branch or a water pipe. Enter the beefy RFI folding antenna brackets.

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The Humble Bury Baseplate

The Humble Bury Baseplate The Bury System 8 and System 9 baseplates are the central component of your phone car kit. System 9 baseplates provide direct power and passive antenna connections. System 8 baseplates do all of the above plus Bluetooth that can integrate with your vehicles radio or have its own speaker if it cannot.

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