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Bury System 8 Take & Talk iPhone 8 | 7 | 6s Cradle

The Bury System 8 iPhone 8 cradle combines the flexibility of the UNI System 8 with all the advantages of Bluetooth technology. It is the ideal choice to hold you mobile device legally and securely in your vehicle. This cradle provides full charging capability and external antenna connection which uses inductive/passive antenna transmission to give you maximum benefit of available signal strength.

The Bury System 8 iPhone 8 cradle comes with integrated charging in the cradle - no manually connecting/removing a charge cable.

Bury System 8 iPhone 8 cradle is compatible with iPhone 8 , iPhone 7, iPhone 6s & iPhone 6 devices.

Related System 8 Car Talk base unit...

The Bury System 8 Car Talk base unit is other of the two components of the System 8 solution which completes the Bluetooth handsfree car kit. The solution enables your System 8 cradle to provide the charging function and transmit the antenna signal to your mobile device.The antenna connection and power connection are integrated into the base unit docking station/cradle.

Recommended use with: (click the link to find out more)

BS8CT4 - System 8 car Talk

2 Year Warranty

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