Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9? if so check this cradle out .

iGrip T5-1238/USBC Universal Charging Dock with USB-C Charging Adapter)




  • Keep your hands on the Wheel and eyes on the Road when driving with this new stylish Universal Charging Dock. iGRIP’s mini Traveler Charging Dock is the perfect compliment for anyone using a Bluetooth® hands-free solution while driving. Keep your device in a secure and easy to view position. Charging included - keep your phones battery fully charged
  • Universal – miniGripper holder works with all phones and iPods® (44-78 mm 1,73 inches to 3,07 inches)
  • miniTRAVELER suction Mount with Power- Box – Vibration free
  • Dual output vehicle power adapter with USB port included
  • Adaptor/cables included for charging any USB-C and micro USB charging devices
  • Includes a self-adhesive disc that allows use of the suction mount on the dash or center console
  • Keep your device in a secure and easy to view position while driving
  • Keep your phones battery fully charged
  • Great when using GPS Navigation applications
  • Perfect compliment to Bluetooth® hands-free solutions
  • Swivel-top design enables the user to quickly adjust viewing angles and switch between portrait and landscape positions
  • Easy to Install – attaches and removes in seconds
  • Holder & Mount – Made in Germany
  • PowerBox & cables – Made in China
1 Year Warranty