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Mobotron MS-426 Floor Mounted Tablet Stand/Holder

Mobotron Floor Mounted Tablet Stand / Holder

MOBOTRON MS-426 is one of the most versatile Car Tablet/Laptop Stand/Mounts you will find for your ultimate Mobile Office Solution. MOBOTRON can be installed inside your Trucks, SUVs, Minivans and Sedans to provide ergonomic work zones for your in-vehicle computing needs. Our NO DRILLING, Bolt-on mounting and easy fold away design makes MOBOTRON a space saver and passenger friendly device.


Laptop/Tablet Size: 17cm - 43cm

Maximum weight capacity: 4Kgs


All tubes are made from top grade light-weight aluminium and can be installed or removed from the vehicle effortlessly. Engineered to high precision and strength to ensure smooth and sturdy holding capabilities.

In most cases, the mounting bracket-stud can be bolted securely under the seat for the Stand with Quick-Release control to mount on. This bolt-on/clamp-on system allows for convenient non-drill mounting for a quick-release removal from the vehicle with ease. 

1 Year Warranty