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RFI CD7195-B Black Broomstick 3G+4G+4GX Antenna - Point to Point Distributions

RFI CD7195-B Black Cellular Mobile Antenna 3G+4G+4GX 890mm 6.5dBi



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RFI CD7195-B 4G LTE Cellular Mobile Antenna 698-960 & 1710-2700MHz (All Black) 890mm

Antenna finish:

Black Radome with Black Spring 


  • Multiband 700-2700MHz
  • Cutting edge printed circuit board design
  • Supplied with 5m low loss coaxial cable, with female FME connector.
    The evolution continues with the release of the CD7195 4G LTE cellular mobile antenna. In response to the lightning fast roll-out of Telstra 4GX and Optus 4G+ services nation wide, Telco approached RFI to design a vehicle mounted antenna capable of operating on the new 700MHz LTE network. Part of the challenge was also to improve gain on regular 1800MHz 4G services, and provide some operation on the new 2600MHz network to ensure the antenna would remain futureproof for Cat-11 LTE devices capable of providing 450-600Mbps by aggregating 700+1800+2600MHz bands together.  
    The secret to its outstanding performance lies in the use of the patented Meander™ radiating elements. These Meander™ circuits are coupled together to deliver extraordinary consistency in gain, coverage pattern and bandwidth. The result is a unique antenna able to operate across all mobile phone networks globally, housed in the one unit.
    The CD7195 provides an impressive 6.5dBi gain on lower bands such as 3G, Next-G, and 4GX, as well as a modest 4.5dBi gain on regular 4G bands. It's important to note this antenna does not provide MIMO, if you require the best possible Internet performance you should use two antennas, separated by around 300mm.

    Frequency: 698-960MHz, 1710-2170MHz & 2300-2700MHz
    Tunable Bandwidth Full
    Nominal Gain dBi 6.5 / 4.5 / 5.5
    Radiator Material: Flexible PCB
    Power W 10
    Cable and Connector 5m 9006 Low Loss Cable Terminated with FME Female Connector
    Suggested Installation Bull Bar, Guard, Boot
    Radome Diameter mm 15.6
    Packaging Retail Hand Sell


    Height mm 890



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