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Bury AC-5120 Universal Switch-Box/Loom - Point to Point Distributions

Bury AC-5120 Universal Switch-Box/Loom



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Bury AC-5120 Universal Switch-Box/Loom

The AC 5120 loud speaker switch box allows you to mute your vehicle stereo and transfer the voice output from your bury car kit through the vehicle speakers.

This product can replace your exiting Bury external speaker adding superior audioquality on all calls made though your Bury car kit.

The audio lead also provides the power supply (12v only) through the 4 pin power connector and audio through the jack socket on the Bury car kit.

The switch box uses one or two of the car radio speakers, even when this is not switched on. These functions become automatically active during the installation and do not need to be additionally operated or selected.

Compatible with these Bury products:-

  • CC9048
  • CC9058
  • CC9068
  • CP1100
  • System 8 CarTalk

2 Year Warranty