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Bury Replacement Speaker BURY-SPK

Bury Replacement Speaker BURY-SPK

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Bury Replacement Speaker - Suits all Bury Bluetooth handsfree car kits and CP1100 truck phone

This speaker although compact is clearer than many stereo speakers for vehicles - that's because of the special frequency area tuning of this speaker to the human voice. The speaker is therefore ideal when used with all Bury Bluetooth car kits because you are able to understand more, even with lots of background noise.   


  • Maximum 5 watt input power 

  • Stable holding bracket

  • Rotatable by 180°

Compatible with...

BURY CC9048 Bluetooth Car Kit

BURY CC9058 Bluetooth Car Kit

BURY CC9068 Bluetooth Car Kit  

BURY CP1100 Truck Phone

2 Year Warranty