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Bury CC 9048 Bluetooth Handsfree Carkit with external speaker

Bury CC 9048 Bluetooth Handsfree Carkit with external speaker

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Bury CC 9048 bluetooth handsfree with external speaker 

The entry level model for the world of fixed installation Bluetooth® hands-free car kits is now the CC 9048. With its newly developed electronics box, it offers plenty of fun when making phone calls at an affordable price. In addition to its reliable Bluetooth® connection to your mobile phone and perfect voice and sound quality via the included external speaker, the CC 9048 also offers automatic radio muting when making phone calls, for instance. The micro USB charging cable which matches most models of mobile phone also ensures unlimited telephone call enjoyment during your journey and further charging cables are also available as accessories   

CC 9048 Full Features List

  • lluminated 3-key cable remote control - for safe operation
  • Unlimited music enjoyment – thanks to the direct playback of music (1)   
  • Integrated 30 Watt digital amplifier 
  • Voice Tags - access to voice tags stored on mobile phone (2)
  • Multipoint function - connect two mobile phones with the system simultaneously
  • Battery charging function for your mobile - guarantees unlimited talk time in your car
  • User information – status updates available in a choice of eight languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Polish and Czech)
  • Perfect voice output - thanks to the filtering out of driving noises and the use of vehicle's sound system
  • Automatic radio mute function - when calling
  • Memory capacity - max. 8 phones
  • Charging cable included - for mobile phones with a micro USB connection
  • Aux-In cable included - to play music files from your mobile phone
  • External Speaker included

(1) via A2DP Bluetooth or Aux-In cable  

(2) The scope of the functions may vary according to mobile phone, network provider and software version.

To use the car kit you need to pair it with your phone. Bluetooth Pairing code: 1234


Download Bury CC9048 here

Download Bury CC9048 Installation & Operating here 



Quick Specifications

External dimensions electronic box : 135 x 65 x 22 mm  

Operating voltage : 10 V - 16 V  

Quiescent current : max. 1 mA by U = 13,5 V  

Working current : approx. 500 mA in standby mode max. 1,5 A in active call  

Temperature range : -20°C to +70°C  

Bluetooth® profiles : Handsfree, Headset, A2DP

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