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Bury Privacy Handset for Bury CP1100 Truck Phone - CP1100-PHS

Bury Privacy Handset for Bury CP1100 Truck Phone - CP1100-PHS

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Bury CP1100 Privacy Handset for Bury Truck Phone - CP1100-PHS

BURY CP1100 privacy handset is an ideal solution if you need to speak privately on your CP1100 car kit. It allows you to switch from handsfree to privacy mode via a corded handset.

Supporting the CP1100, the Privacy Handset is an optional extra to add to this device. It comes with a 2Mtr long lead.

The sleek and lightweight design enables you to take calls in your vehicle and keep them private.   

The way it works is simple. The handset is plugged into the control box via an integrated RJ45 port.  

When you lift the handset* from the holder, the hands-free speaker and microphone on the phone are muted and you can hold your private conversation without the disturbance of background noise.  

To return the privacy call back to hands-free mode, simply click the privacy handset back into the holder and the call will resume handsfree.

To end a call use the “end call” button on the CP1100 phone.  

*This handset is not to be used whilst operating a vehicle.

Schematic of the CP1100 privacy handset and CP1100 components...

CP1100 Schematic with Bury CP1100 Privacy Handset


2 Year Warranty