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Bury System 9 3XL Universal Cradle - BS9-3XL

Bury System 9 3XL Universal Cradle - BS9-3XL

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Bury System 9 3XL Universal Cradle- BS9-3XL

The Bury 3XL universal cradle is the ideal choice to hold you mobile legally and securely in your vehicle. 

The system 9 universal cradle can be turned by 90° in both directions so you can use smartphone apps with a horizontal angle of view. Ideal when using navigation on your mobile device in your vehicle. 

A micro-usb charging cable is included with the cradle as standard.  Optional charging adapters are available to purchase for Apple iPhone (Lightning) and USB-C for Samsung and other brands of mobile phones. 

Bury System 9 3XL universal cradle is compatible with these popular mobiles...

Apple iPhone: 15 | 15 PRO | 15 PLUS | 15 PRO max | 14 | 14 PRO | 14 PRO Max | 14 PLUS | 13 l 13 MINI | 13 PRO | 13 PRO MAX | 12 | 12 MINI | 12 PRO | 12 PRO MAX |  11 | 11 PRO | 11 PRO Max | Xs MAX | Xs | X | XR |SE (2020) | SE (2022) | 8 | 8Plus,

Samsung Galaxy: S23 | S23+ | S22 | S21 | S21-5G | S21+ | S21+ 5G | S20 | S20-5G | S20+ | S20+ 5G | S10 | S10+ | S10e | S9 | S8 | S8 Plus and many other brands and models.

Refer to the Bury compatibility list for a full list of compatible devices, available to view or download from the Documentation tab. 

Fits all phones within the following dimensions: (for devices with/without bumpers or cases up to the maximum dimensions below)  

  • Height: 128mm to 165mm
  • Width: 56mm to 90mm  
  • Depth: 8mm to 20mm 

See the System 9 Bury 3XL phone compatibility list: click here

The Bury 3XL cradles comes with a micro-USB charging cable included for mobile devices that use micro-USB.  

For mobile devices that require different charging connection you will need an adapter. Refer to the "Related Products" tab above to see the other charging adapters we have available... 

Charging Cable & Adapters

Bury USB-C Charging cable

MicroUSB to Lightning Adapter - click here 

MicroUSB to USB-C Adapter - click here

Also available in a smaller Universal XXL version - click here

Related base plate... 

You also need to purchase the Bury S9 Base plate to use this cradle - click here

The BURY Active Cradle is one of the two main components of System 9 and enables your mobile device to be held securely and legally in your vehicle and also enables battery charging. The antenna connection and power connection are integrated into the base plate /cradle.   



System 9 Bury 3XL phone compatibility list

System 9 Bury 3XL Technical Data Sheet


Watch the video to see how to adjust the Bury Universal cradle..


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