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Carcomm CMBS-677 Multi Basys Cradle - Samsung Galaxy S10+

Carcomm CMBS-677 Multi Basys Cradle - Samsung Galaxy S10+

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Carcomm CMBS-677 Multi Basys Cradle - Samsung Galaxy S10+

 Compatible with
Samsung Galaxy S10+ - Without protection case / bumper case
  • High Quality PDA / Smartphone connector - Keeps the PDA / Smartphone connector from getting damaged.
  • Integrated Antenna Coupler - Boost cellular reception and decreases interference.
  • Compatible with 12Volt and 24Volt - Suitable for use in cars and trucks.
  • e4 Certified - Certified to be used in cars and trucks.
  • Perfect fit - Holds your device firmly in place, protecting it from being damaged. 
  • Easy to use - Smartphone/PDA is easily installed and removed from the holder.
Multi Basys Docking Station - Easy cradle removable
  1. The special docking system enables you to easily swap the cradle when you are going to use another phone.

  2. The Multi-Basys active device holder simply slides into the Mutli-Basys Docking Station (available separately).  

  3. The Multi-Basys Cradle's unique and patented design and the use of high quality parts guarantee that your mobile device won't be damaged and firmly stays in place in the cradle.  

Attention: the Multi-Basys system consists of 2 separately available products, the Multi-Basys Cradle and the Multi-Basys Base Plate. You need both products to make the system work.
2 Year Warranty

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