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Gooseneck Amplified Microphone



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Gooseneck Amplified Microphone for Bury CP1100 truck phone and all Bury Bluetooth handsfree car kits - Active 30cm long boom - 8mm diam


  • Calling handsfree with a better sound quality.

  • Better intelligibility and less background sound.

  • Applications have a better result with a voice controlled carkit.


Microphone type : Electret
Frequency range : 200Hz - 12kHz
Sensitivity :            375mV Active ( 1kHz / Ub = 9,5V Ra = 1 kOhm )
Impedance :           1600 Ohm +/- 20%
Directivity :            Unidirectional ( Kidney shaped )
Powersupply :       5,0 - 12,5V
Boom Length:        30cm


Cable :                    6m Shielded
Connector :           2,5mm Plug

2 Year Warranty



Compatible with the following Bury products... 

CP1100 Truck Phone

CC9048 Bluetooth Handsfree carkit

CC9058 Bluetooth Handsfree carkit

CC9068 Bluetooth Handsfree carkit 

What's in the box

- Mount-plate
- Screws
- ABS cover for base
- Windcover for microphone
- Microphone