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Parksafe CD-CM070 4.3″ Replacement Mirror Monitor & Mini Stalk Camera Combo

Parksafe CD-CM070 4.3″ Replacement Mirror Monitor & Mini Stalk Camera Combo

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Parksafe 4.3″ Replacement Mirror Monitor & Mini Stalk Camera Combo 

Parksafe’s Original Equipment Style mirror monitor system  adopts the latest digital LCD properties with a factory standard replacement bracket to suit most makes and models. Designed to suit vehicle’s which have a window mounted rear vision mirror, reduce dashboard clutter by using the vehicles existing mount points and reducing the impact on the vehicles user experience. The image is displayed in the centre of the mirror and is virtually invisible when not in use.4.3″ Colour TFT/LCD Monitor (Central)  

Mirror Monitor Features:

  • Resolution 480 X 272
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • 12 Volt
  • Single AV Input  
  • PAL/NTSC Auto Switching
  • High Resolution RGB
  • Designed To Replace Factory Mirror
  • Automatic activation Via AV Signal
  • Replacement Window Bracket Fits most models (Others Available)
  • 3 Year Warranty - Monitor 

Mini Stalk Camera Features: 

  • 170 degree view ANGLE
  • NTSC
  • 0.1LUX
  • 6 meter video lead
  • Mirror Image
  • Water resistant
  • 9.6 - 12 volt operation
  • Sharp lens
  • Threaded stalk mount (anti-theft)
  • 1 Year Warranty - Camera

Commonly known as reverse mirror monitors or rear vision mirror monitors. These systems are designed to provide a view of the area behind a vehicle for safe maneuvering of passenger vehicles, towing vehicles, trucks, buses, mining vehicles etc. The design of a backup camera is distinct from other cameras in that the image is horizontally flipped so that the output is a mirror image. This is necessary because the camera and the driver face opposite directions, and without it, the camera’s right would be on the driver’s left and vice versa. A backup camera typically sports a wide angle or fisheye lens. However, Parksafe supplies camera’s with better visibility, providing a more realistic view. (As you would see if you where standing behind the vehicle).



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