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TG-5100 Toolguard Additional Sensor

TG-5100 Toolguard Additional Sensor

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ToolGuard TG-5100 Additional Sensor


Lead Time: 1 week

Additional sensor for the TG-5000

Item No.  TG-5100


  • ToolGuard Sensor protects your valuable tools
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Up to 2 years battery life   


How does the ToolGuard work?
The small, easy to install alarm unit is installed under your toolbox or truck lid and is armed and disarmed by a key fob / remote. The patent-pending range of ToolGuard alarms is based around new 3D accelerometer and gyroscope technology similar to that used in the iPhone. This coupled with intelligent software in the microcomputer allow the alarm to sense a true tilt. The system can differentiate between this and vibration, ensuring no false alarms and is very efficient providing up to 2 years of battery life. The alarm includes an ear piercing Piezo siren that triggers once the lid to your valuables is opened, acting as a strong theft deterrent.

How do I arm/disarm my ToolGuard?
The alarm is armed and disarmed by a small, code-hopping remote control supplied with the alarm. Additional remotes can be purchased and coded into your alarm.

How is the ToolGuard fitted?
The alarm is supplied with special, high performance 3M DXF double-sided tape to easily mount the unit to the lid of your toolbox or truck top.

How do I add additional sensors to my ToolGuard?
As each model in the ToolGuard range is cable of tracking multiple sensors. This Document describes the procedure for pairing of additional sensors.

How loud is the ToolGuard?
The integrated Piezo siren is ear piercingly loud, at around 115 decibels it is a very powerful theft deterrent.

What can ToolGuard protect?
The range of ToolGuard alarms is primarily focused on protecting the contents of your Toolbox or Truck-bed. It is also perfect for protecting the content of roof carriers and even soft bags.

What kind of batteries does the alarm use?
The TG-4000 Solo uses 3 x AA Alkaline batteries. The TG-5000 Auto and TG-6000 Bridge sensors use 2 x AAA Alkaline batteries.

How long will the batteries last?
The ToolGuard is designed to achieve up to 2 years of battery life with typical use.

Is there a low battery warning?
Yes, the TG-4000 Solo will chirp 3 times when disarmed if the batteries are getting low. The TG-5000 Auto also provides a low battery warning via it's siren system.



User & Installation Manual - click here

See instructions for adding additional remote controls and sensors to the TG-5000.

How do program new remote controls to my TG4000 or TG5000?
To replace damaged, lost or stolen remote controls, see the ToolGuard Pairing Guide.


How do I pair a extra TG5100 sensors with my TG6000?

The TG-6000 include the ability to co-ordinate up to sensors, see the ToolGuard Pairing Guide.



Lead Time: 1 week