At Point to Point Distribution, we supply a wide range of premium quality Cel-Fi GO and Cel-Fi Roam mobile signal boosters designed for mobile and stationary applications. Reliable and quick and easy to install, they ensure quality mobile signal coverage for voice and data transfer, wherever you are. 

Telstra and Optus compatible, the Cel-Fi range supports 3G, 4G/LTE, and the R41 ROAM is also 5G ready. With the Nextivity WAVE App (available on iOS and Android devices) you can configure the system for mobile or stationary usage and switch between carriers as necessary.

We supply a range of GO and ROAM R41 packages suitable for vehicle and in-building applications.

Cel-Fi GO

The Cel-Fi GO is a versatile signal boosters designed for on-the-go in-vehicle and stationary in-building applications. With industry-leading signal gain and Telstra and Optus compatibility, the GO is suitable for use in large commercial structures where network coverage is a problem or in rural or regional areas. The mobile signal boosters are ideal for commercial and fleet vehicles, trucks, vans, 4WDs, RVs, caravans and boats.

Cel-Fi Roam

The Cel-Fi Roam R41 offers top of the line 3G, 4G, 4GX and 5G signal coverage. Featuring plug-and-play installation and simple set-up, the Roam R41 delivers fantastic signal coverage while on the move. 

Equipped with the 4th generation IntelliBoost chip, you can enjoy superior network coverage wherever you are. Operating across all Australian signal bands and featuring the ability to switch carriers with the Cel-Fi WAVE app (available on iOS and Android devices), the Roam R41 will solve any mobile signal disruptions wherever you are. 

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