Cel-Fi GO mobile smart signal repeaters provide the ultimate in mobile coverage for vehicles and in-building spaces where reception is a problem. Designed to solve indoor and outdoor coverage problems, the Cel-Fi GO range offers industry-leading signal gain and the best voice and data transfer performance.        

We supply a range of Cel-Fi GO packages suitable for cars, 4WDs, trucks, fleet and commercial vehicles, boats and in-building applications. You’ll find everything you need to install and set up your signal booster including signal amplifiers, antennas, cabling, chargers and power units, mounting equipment and more.

The Cel-Fi GO range is Telstra and Optus compatible and with the Nextivity WAVE App (available on iOS and Android devices) you can configure the system for mobile or stationary usage. The GO supports voice and data transfer and 3G and 4G LTE including VOLTE. 

These carrier-class coverage solutions feature Nextivity’s award-winning proprietary Intelliboost processing technology that delivers the highest wireless performance while being completely network safe and ensuring no interference with other wireless devices. 

Installation and set-up is quick and easy. Simply install the donor and server antennas, mount the unit, connect the antennas and plug in and configure the Cel-Fi Go unit. In just minutes, you’ll have crystal clear covering from the highest performing signal booster in its class.  

Designed to be tough, the GO is weather protected and can withstand the toughest conditions, including exposure to dust and water. Available in a variety of antenna configurations, the mobile version is suitable for cars, trucks, RVs, caravans, 4WDs, off road vehicles, fleet and commercial vehicles, boats and more.

The stationary signal booster is designed to enhance coverage in tough to reach places, including structures with thick walls and mobile blocking materials and even underground structures.

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