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We can supply a wide range of Cellular Mobile antennas (GSM) , UHF & VHF band antennas

We supply an extensive range of RFI antennas including cellular antennas and UHF & VHF band antennas. Designed to boost signal reception, they can help to optimise signal strength while minimising interference from other sources.  

Featuring patented Meander PCB technology, the single continuous sided PCB delivers ultra low PIM, high PIP rating, pattern repeatability, gain stability, weight reduction and exceptional reliability. The result is a premium antenna that operates across all mobile phone networks.

We stock antennas that cover the 3G, 4G, 4GX and 5G bands and are ideal for use with mobile modems and active repeaters, especially when signal is poor.

Vehicle Antennas

Delivering high gain across all bands, our RFI vehicle antennas are ideal for rural and outback applications. Ultra durable and easy to install, they are suitable for cars, RVs and campers, caravans, trucks, 4WDs, vehicle fleets and more. 

Incredibly tough in even the harshest of conditions, our antenna range is suitable for worksites, rural applications, off-roading and more. Quick and easy to install, they are also designed for quick removal if necessary. Available in 3 Ranges: CD8100 light duty, CDR8100 midrange duty and CDQ8100 Heavy Duty. The CDR8100 and CDQ8100 ranges have Q-Fit removable antenna features.

Antenna Accessories

Our range includes magnetic mounted antennas, vehicle antennas, directional, ceiling, roof, wall and pole mounted. We also stock an extensive range of accessories including cables, chargers, splitters, adapters, mounting kits and equipment and more.

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